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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

Parking Pallets

Transform unused areas into parking spaces

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ParkBoards are an easy way to create additional parking spaces in existing underground car parks or parking garages. Furthermore, our parking pallets can be combined with other premium parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking to make even more efficient use of the existing parking space.

The ParkDisc makes the entry and exit procedure significantly more comfortable, especially for hard-to-reach parking spaces. In addition, it allows parking spaces to be created in areas that could not otherwise be used due to limited space.

ParkBoard PE & PH

ParkBoard PE & PH pallets move car/s lengthwise

Specifications : 

 For independent parking

 Movement = Lengthwise

 Pallet/s travel along rails

 ParkBoard PE: Holds and moves 1 car

 ParkBoard PH: Holds and moves 2 cars

ParkBoard PQ

ParkBoard PQ pallets move car/s transversely

Specifications : 

 For independent parking

 Movement = Transversely

 Pallet/s travel along rails

 ParkBoard PQ: Holds and moves 1 car

ParkDisk D450

KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

Easily turn on the spot

Specifications : 

 Turns vehicle once arounds its axis

 Above ground or underfloor version

 Vehicle width : max 190 cm

 Vehicle length : max 500 cm

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