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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus


Tradition has a future

KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

Committed to the growing demands for mobility Since 1907 

Year of foundation: Family Klaus starts the business near Bad Tölz as a wheelwright’s shop. 

Kaspar Klaus opens a bodywork shop and vehicle plant in Memmingen


During the war years, the company primarily focuses on repair work and manufacturing transport vehicles.


Relocation to the business premises in Memmingen, which still exist today. This is also the time of the revolutionary invention of the “Klaus-Bremsluft-Schnellkipper” (an air brake quick tipper). Well over 100,000 of these are sold all over the world.


Based on the company’s extraordinary knowledge of pneumatics, Klaus develops amusement rides (merry-go-rounds) for funfair operators, which caused a real sensation in every amusement park. The worldwide export of these easy-to-assemble constructions was visible proof of the company’s quality and cutting-edge technology. Well over 100 systems were delivered.


Once again, Klaus is way ahead of its time. A range of hydraulic grippers is 
developed that represents a major branch of production for the company into the 1980s. At this time, Klaus also specialises as a manufacturer of attachments for Daimler-Benz AG’s Unimog. Well over 3,000 excavators and loading cranes had been produced by 1983.


The first KLAUS parking systems arrive on the market, as parking spaces were in short supply everywhere. To deal with the demand, a separate production site was purchased 10 km south of Memmingen, in Aitrach, and operated as a branch.


Klaus takes a groundbreaking approach in vehicle manufacturing and starts producing the patented Klaus side loader. This innovation was also a success worldwide and is an important link in container transportation between road and rail.


In the parking system sector, 3 ranges are now offered. This is also the first year, during all of the construction work for the Olympic Games in Munich, when the first larger underground car parks with up to approx. 300 parking spaces were equipped with mechanical parking systems.

The new company building is purchased in the industrial area in Aitrach. The years to come are characterised by continuous expansion. Due to the ongoing development of the vehicle parking systems, KLAUS becomes one of the leading manufacturers worldwide
Foundation of the KLAUS GmbH company in Aitrach for vehicle parking systems. The first licences are granted for the production of parking systems, e.g. to Japan. The various side loader models are presented to a wide circle of potential customers at the annual in-house trade fairs at the Memmingen factory.

KLAUS is now a company that is renowned and successful worldwide. It houses a wide variety of different product lines under its roof: side loaders, vehicle construction, Unimog attachments, glass cutting technology, garage transporters, specialist in special constructions and parking systems

The KLAUS company in Memmingen is sold

Over the course of the following years, the proportion of exports continues to grow. Parking systems are distributed worldwide

The product line is expanded in an innovative way in accordance with market requirements. The proportion of parking systems with horizontal parking spaces increases in relation to the inclined systems. Constant adjustments need to be made to the changing dimensions of vehicles.


The trend towards more convenient parking opens up the market for the new “Automatic Parking System”. It permits only horizontal parking, with varying headrooms and simultaneously less converted space.

Due to further overcrowding and the especially cramped conditions in connection with renovation projects in historic districts, the business is extended to include fully automatic parking systems. These parking systems do not have any access lanes or manoeuvring areas. The car is stored in a vacant space with the help of computer-controlled operating systems.

Invention of a new mechanical balancing system, which was registered as “System 2000” and gradually resulted in greater parking convenience in some parking systems.


Development of other components for fully automatic parking systems.

Development and construction of KLAUS Trinity, a parking system without a pit for 3 cars on top of each other. The first systems were delivered in August 2002.


Globalisation results in the company name being changed from KLAUS Autoparksysteme GmbH to KLAUS Multiparking in June 2004. 


Forty years after introducing the first space-saving systems, KLAUS Multiparking presents the new MultiVario 2082 as a highly customisable and adaptable system, which leaves almost nothing to be desired.


KLAUS Multiparking receives the Innovation Award 2005/6 for the product MultiVario 2082. In the same year, a new warehouse and a covered picking area are built.

2008 / 2009
The administrative area is also extended and another office building is built. The extension is completed at the beginning of 2009.
 The TrendVario 4300 and 4100 semi-automatic parking systems are further developed


KLAUS Multiparking receives the 2009 WebsiteAward for medium-sized businesses in Baden-Württemberg.

At the beginning of 2009 the extension of the existing office building was completed


KLAUS Multiparking presents its latest product innovation, the MultiBase 2072. Due to the numerous versions available, the system is suitable for any design and for all cars.


The innovative iParker MultiBase 2072i is presented for the first time at the 2015 BAU trade fair in Munich. In addition to the new electro-hydraulic synchroniser, the digital possibilities of parking on the market are also demonstrated for the first time.

2015 - 2017

Founding of our subsidiary KLAUS Multiparking ANZ serving the Pacifics


The new “invisible” Underfloor Parking Systems MultiBase U10 and U20 get introduced


Successful final step in the change of generation in our Executive Board

2019 - 2020

The new website goes online.

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