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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

Product Overview

The perfect parking system for every requirement

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From private houses to solutions for megacities

Depending on their size, our parking systems are complex technical designs that contain myriad moving parts. The concept behind them is startlingly logical – to make parked vehicles mobile so that they can be moved around flexibly, thus allowing parking spaces to be used far more efficiently.
In our product portfolio, you’ll find the perfect solution for every requirement boasting first-class functionality and premium quality “Made in Germany”.


Parkers increase the number of available parking spaces - in the smallest area.

Parkers – also known as duplex parkers or Klaus double parkers – provide maximum flexibility. They enable you to make optimum use of the space in a garage. KLAUS Multiparking has a large selection of parker models to suit every requirement.

Fully Automatic Parking Systems

The MasterVario models are fully automatic parking systems. 


No other parking system from KLAUS Multiparking can match the comfort and convenience of our fully automatic MasterVario models. Simply drive into the transfer cabin – everything else is done automatically by the parking system.

Semi Automatic Parking Systems

The semi-automatic TrendVario systems make parking a pleasure. 


They combine parking convenience with efficiency. Simply request a platform, park your vehicle and let TrendVario do the rest. The system flexibly moves the vehicles vertically and horizontally, and makes optimal use of the converted space.

Parking Pallets and Park Disk

Parking pallets and ParkDisc – solutions that enhance parking spaces. 


Parking pallets create additional parking spaces in areas of underground car parks that could not previously be used, e.g. access lanes. The ParkDisc makes the entry and exit procedure significantly more comfortable, especially for hard-to-reach parking spaces.

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