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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

KLAUS Multiparking Cyprus

Opening new horizons to the construction industry of Cyprus


KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd as the exclusive sales partner of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH in Cyprus, the leading worldwide supplier of car parking systems, offers intelligent and efficient solutions to any car parking need. Five decades of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH’ experience added to the well known German competence and professionalism provides KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd a world class performance in the field, contributing to the launching of such revolutionary options in the Cyprus market.

KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd as the pioneering company in the Cyprus market offers ultimate solutions to meet and exceed customer needs in respect of car parking systems. The well structured business platform of KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd and KLAUS Multiparking GmbH have as a concept for success ‘the tradition and the innovation’. KLAUS Multiparking GmbH references of more than 700,000 parking spaces in 80 countries around the world combined with continued research, design and development practices enable us to provide cutting-edge innovative solutions with significant benefits for our customers.

At KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd we strongly believe that quality is not a question of the price, but rather a question of long-standing experience, technical know-how and competence in service and performance. All the available systems of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH are accredited with international quality standards and safety certification (DIN EN 14010 - Safety of Machinery - Equipment for power driven parking of motor vehicles - Safety and EMC requirements for design, manufacturing,erection, and commisioning stages).

KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd services and products are always customer oriented and aiming to provide significant value to the owners and an exceptional user friendly experience for the end-user.

Among others the company offers :

- Architectural support and design of parking areas that utilise every square meter available to maximise  the parking spaces

- Value-Driven Technical and Feasibility Study

- Support with Civil Permits

- Detailed Architectural and Technical Design of the systems embedment on the building

- Installation and Delivery of final Parking System to the customer

- User Training  

- After Sale Support 24h / 7 days (Maintenance and Repair services)

Finally KLAUS Multiparking (Cyprus) Ltd assists the new city’s increased demand for parking spots, allowing the citizen to gain time from the parking chasing to enjoy a more walkable city.

Creative technology ensures that entering and exiting the parking is stress free and safe.

Less pollution, less time wasted, more space left out to replace naked parking areas by green parks for our children to play....

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