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ParkDisk D450

Easily turn on the spot

The ParkDisc D450, making hard-to-access parking spaces a thing of the past

To save space, many garages do not give you the option to turn your vehicle around. Reversing in or out of parking spaces is often necessary. This is where KLAUS Multiparking turntables are real game-changers. As space-saving parking aids, they turn the vehicle once around its own axis – and it can then be easily driven forwards out of the garage.

The ParkDisc D450 is available as an above-ground and underfloor version, and can also be retrofitted in existing garages or parking garages. On request, we can increase the diameter and loading of the turntable.


Above-ground and underfloor version available

Vehicle dimensions: height 10 cm lower than the headroom

Vehicle dimensions: length 500 cm (longer cars possible optionally)

Vehicle dimensions: width max 190 cm

Standard design: 2,500 kg per parking space

Higher loading possible as an option

Platform coating: hot-dip checker plate


Field of Application

 In garages for family homes and apartment buildings

 In office buildings or residential and commercial buildings

 Can also be used as an outdoor parking system without a garage, e.g. installation in an inner courtyard or a front garden

ParkDisk D450 References around the world

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