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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

ParkBoard PE

The simple parking pallet

ParkBoard PE pallets move individual cars lengthwise

Pallet systems make more efficient use of the space in a parking garage, for example.

At the touch of a button, the parking pallets are moved along rails by means of an electric motor, thus giving access to the desired parking space.

In this way, additional parking spaces can be created on unused areas and in access lanes.

The ParkBoard PE parking pallets can be shifted lengthwise and are available for individual vehicles. They can also be retrofitted in existing garages or parking garages


Independent parking

Each pallet holds one vehicle

Pallets travel along rails

Vehicle dimensions: height 10 cm lower than the headroom

Vehicle dimensions: length max 500 cm

Vehicle dimensions: width max 190 cm

Standard design: 2,000 kg per parking space

Optional design: 2,300 kg per parking space

Retrofitting possible, depending on local conditions

 Platform coating StandardGrip

Product variants :


Field of Application

 In garages for family homes and apartment buildings

 In office buildings or residential and commercial buildings

 To increase capacity in underground car parks or

 To increase capacity in parking garages, e.g. of hotels or car dealerships

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