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KLAUS Multiparking GmbH - NEWS

Making a Mercedes disappear in the front garden of a luxury city home

Hidden parking solution in the exclusive residential area of Harvestehude in Hamburg thanks to the innovative MultiBase U2 underfloor parking system from Klaus Multiparking


MultiBase 2072i : Concept becomes reality

Revolution: Manufacturer of parking systems from Aitrach switches its MultiBase parking systems to an electro-hydraulic synchroniser.


New reference - Madrid, Calle de Santa Barbara

Automatic parking before strolling around Madrid - First Klaus Multiparking automatic parking system for use by the public installed in the Spanish capital.


The End of an Era...

After 47 years with KLAUS Multiparking CEO Günther Seiderer has retired on 30th September 2015.


Expansion for the parking of the future

Expansion for the parking of the future: KLAUS Multiparking GmbH, a leading provider of premium parking systems, is investing a total of nine million Euros (£7.1m) in process optimisation at its main site in Aitrach (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).


"The Shard" in London

"The Shard" in London: Luxury vehicles perched on a parking system from Aitrach

48 parking spaces created by Klaus Multiparking in the tallest office and residential building in Western Europe.


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