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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

MultiBase U10

The invisible underfloor parking system

The multibase U10 makes cars disapear

Simply make your cars disappear underground. Instead of rising above ground, the premium underfloor systems are sunk underground. The top platform is level with the ground when lowered. Above ground, you gain a car-free area, which you can design entirely as you wish – and which will increase the value of your property.

Transform the MultiBase U10 into the parking system of your dreams with our carefully selected accessories.


For independent parking

Single platform U10 (SP) for 1 car

Pit depth of standard type: 250/255 cm

Vehicle dimensions: height 165 cm and/or 200 cm

Vehicle dimensions: length 500 cm to 520 cm

Usable platform width (SP): 230 cm up to max 270 cm

Usable platform width (DP): 460 cm up to max 540 cm

Standard design: 2,000 kg per parking space

Optional design: 2,600 kg per parking space

Horizontal access to all parking levels

Flush to the ground and can be driven on

Controlled rainwater drainage

 Platform coating StandardGrip

 Platform coating optional AluLongLife or EasyWalk

Top surface can be freely designed: cassette-type cover,  which can be designed to blend in with surroundings on request (e.g. stone layer, lawn)

Product variants :

BIM Files


Field of Application

 Installation e.g. in the inner courtyard, front garden or green spaces of residential and commercial buildings, family homes and apartment buildings, office buildings and hotels

√ Constructions abutting property lines

MultiBase U10 References around the world

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