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Always the perfect car parking system for your parking solution

KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

Opening new horizons to the construction industry of Cyprus

KLAUS Multiparking Cyprus as the exclusive sales partner of KLAUS Multiparking GmbH in Cyprus - the leading worldwide manufacturer of mechanical parking systems, offers intelligent and efficient solutions to any car parking need.

The 50 Years of 'KLAUS Multiparking GmbH’ experience, added to the well known German competence and professionalism provides KLAUS Multiparking Cyprus a world class performance in the field, contributing to the launching of such revolutionary options in the Cyprus market.

KLAUS Multiparking presents the 1st ever 

Fully Automated Parking System installation in Cyprus

Your benefits with KLAUS Multiparking systems

No more looking for a parking space

Space-saving storage of vehicles

Thanks to intelligent land use, there is space for green areas, playgrounds, etc.

Easy and secure parking and access to parking spaces

Solutions for virtually every parking situation

Top-quality products with exceptional service life and intrinsic value

Low operating and maintenance costs

Made in Germany


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