Central Park Residence - Nicosia

The 1st fully Automated Parking System in Cyprus

Nicosia's new Horizon

KLAUS Multiparking proudly presents the 1st premium fully automated parking system installation in Cyprus at the 'Central Park Residence' high rise luxury building located in the center of Nicosia. 

Elite and exclusive, safe and secure, Central Park Residences provide an extraordinary view of Life assuring first class technologies and services to its occupants.

KLAUS Multiparking is honored to be part of this project with its MasterVario R3C automated parking system incorporating 67 parking spaces into a minimal space.

Fully Automatic Parking System

An automatic parking system is a system with conveyance facilities which pick up a car parked in a transfer cabin and transport it automatically to a storage compartment where it is stored. After a variable storage period (parking time), the car is retrieved from storage on request and conveyed to a transfer cabin where it is again available to the user.

Fully Automated

Parking System 

MasterVario R3C


parking spaces

310 m2


3355 m3


Fully Automated

Parking System 

MasterVario R3C

shaft/Underground design with sideways storage

Lateral lift within the area of the storage

Pallet changer & pallet storage unit included

Height = 1255 cm

Length = 2030 cm

Width = 1250 cm

Area = 254 m2

Volume = 3185 m3

Fully Automated

Parking System 

MasterVario R3C

Storage and retrieval unit (SRM) with 3 movement axes

 Y Axis = 6 parking levels with 2 different heights 


X Axis = 3 vehicles behind each other


Z Axis = 2 vehicles to the right and 2 vehicles to the left of the (SRM)

Fully Automated

Parking System 

MasterVario R3C

36 spaces with car height up to 160 cm

31 spaces with car height up to 190 cm

All parking spaces with car weight up to 2500 kg

All parking spaces with car Length up to 525 cm

All parking spaces with car Width up to 215 cm

Fully Automated

Parking System 

MasterVario R3C

Transfer cabin with turning unit located at ground level on the side

Height = 305 cm,

Length = 850 cm

Width = 655 cm

Area = 56 m2

Volume = 170 m3

The Key Benefits at a glance

Optimal access times

Accommodates vehicles in safety

Protection from theft and damage

No space required for ramps or driveways

Reduction in construction time

Safe access to the parking system

Avoid narrow ramps or dark entrances

The amount of space used can be reduced by up to 50 percent

Economising on parking levels and the equipment required

 Less (lighting, ventilation, sprinkler systems)

Use the building space that is saved for additional parking spaces or more profitable purposes

Client Information

For the last decade Marfields Group has earned its reputation for designing and developing high-rise residential projects boasting the latest and most sophisticated amenities, concepts and services. In the most exclusive prime locations the properties have dramatically reshaped the traditional concepts of luxury lifestyle. The focus on high end design and iconic architecture make them leading specialists in all aspects of luxury real estate business.

To create the highest standards of luxury life style by combining their innovative, imaginative and intelligent approach to prime real estate with the unique needs of their clients.

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