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KLAUS Multiparking - Premium Parking Systems in Cyprus

SingleUp 2015

The affordably priced premium parker

SingleUp 2015 creates two parking spaces in a very confined space.

The hugely space-saving SingleUp 2015 creates room for two vehicles in garages with a low height of just 290 cm. No pit is required for installation.

This makes the parking system ideal for increasing the number of parking spaces in the garages of hotels or car dealerships, for example, in a simple and inexpensive way. In the SingleUp 2015, the vehicles must be parked in a specific order – i.e. the bottom parking space must be empty before the platform for the second car can be lowered. Ideally, use the upper platform for long-term parking, e.g. a vintage car, and the lower parking space for short-term parking.


For dependent parking

Single platform (SP) for 2 cars

Total height of standard type: 290 cm

Pit depth : no pit required

Vehicle dimensions: height 150 cm to 160 cm

Vehicle dimensions: length up to 480 cm

Usable platform width for standard type : max 230 cm

Standard design: 2,500 kg for the upper parking space

No weight restriction for the lower parking space

Horizontal access to the parking level

Retrofitting possible, depending on local conditions

 Platform coating StandardGrip

Product variants :

BIM Files


Field of Application

 In garages for family homes and apartment buildings

 In office buildings or residential and commercial buildings

 To increase capacity in underground car parks or

 To increase capacity in parking garages, e.g. of hotels, car rentals

 Retrofitting in existing buildings also possible

SingleUp 2015 References around the world

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